Back in Sofia, Bulgaria!

Hey Everyone….

I’m back in the Baltics shooting a movie for Lifetime called “Abducted.”  It’s a great story of mother’s and daughters that features some Lions, Tigers and Bulgarians!  Ha!  Just kidding.  It’s going to be a nice film.  You can see it this fall on Lifetime.  I’ll be posting throughout the process and uploading fun pics of cast and shoot.  Keep checking back.  Stay tuned….

Week 1!

Location scouts. Lunch. Rewrite. Snack. Meetings. Ideas coming from everywhere. Some good. Some bad. I need to shield to deflect the bad and allow the good. More location scouts. More lunches. The crew is coming together. Another sunrise. Great sandwich at the Cheese Store. A morning latte. The Alexander Nevski scout. Back to the Military Institute. Lunch on the run. Deliver the blue draft. Casting. End week one. Whew!!!!

Back in LA!!!!

Hey Everyone! I’m back in Hollywood and busy in the editing room putting “Abducted” together. It’s good to be home. I have some fun pics from the shoot and will post them as soon as I can. Can’t wait to deliver more exciting news as soon as it is official. Something is in the works and I’m very excited about it. Stay tuned…..

In The Cutting Room!!!

Hey Everyone!!! I’m still getting used to the idea of blogging so bare with me. I’m just back from Bulgaria where I just finished directing “Jarheads 2” for Universal Pictures. It was a great experience working with Stephen “Slang” Lang, Cole Hauser, Bokeem Woodbine, Josh Kelly, Esai Morales, Jessie Garcia, Danielle Savre, Jay Wong, Cassie Layton, Ronnie Jhutti and all the gang! It will be coming out in the Spring of 2014. Working hard in the editing room pulling it all together. Also getting ready to head out and do “Sniper: Remote Control” for Sony Pictures with Tom Berenger and Chad Michael Collins. There will be more updates on this as they come in. And rumor has it a sequel for “Company Of Heroes” is in the works. Lots of stuff happening. Also, check out the little movie I did with Julie Benz “Taken: The Search For Sophie Parker.” It airs on LifeTime September 21st at 8pm and again on September 22 at 12 am. Back to work and I’ll work on more blog time. Promise. Stay tuned.


Hey everyone! Shooting “Sniper: Legacy” and excited about working with Tom Berenger as he returns to the franchise which includes Dennis Haysbert, Chad Michael Collins and Nestor Serrano. “Jarheads 2: Field Of Fire” is cutting along and I’m optomistic about the outcome. I look forward to all your comments and feedback when it hits the digital market on August 5 of 2014. The Blu-Ray will be in stores a couple weeks later on August 19th. Thanks to everyone out there that supports my movies. Stay tuned. I’ll hit the airwaves again soon! Out!