DMP is relatively new to the commercial directing scene, but he has a lot of pedigree in the world of advertising having worked with legendary directors Joe Pytka, Jordan Cronenweth, Caleb Deschanel and Jeffery Fleisig on well over forty spots. He’s taken all he’s learned from these visual and comedic masters and is applying it to his own brand of storytelling.

  • Canadian Tourism – “Slapshot”
    Canadian Tourism – “Slapshot”
  • Tropicana – “Sunshine”
    Tropicana – “Sunshine”
  • Canadian Tourism – “Moose”
    Canadian Tourism – “Moose”
  • Pepsi Max – “Transformers”
    Pepsi Max – “Transformers”
  • Nike – “Promise”
    Nike – “Promise”
  • Pepsi – “Live For Now”
    Pepsi – “Live For Now”
  • Lauren Bennett – “I Wish I Wish”
    Lauren Bennett – “I Wish I Wish”
  • Sierra Mist – “30 Rock”
    Sierra Mist – “30 Rock”